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7 Ways to Interview for Jobs in 2018

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7 Ways to Interview for Jobs in 2018

7 Ways to Interview for Jobs in 2018

InterviewAs the increase of full-time job opportunities is steadily rising in Australia this year, recruiters are needing to explore different and diverse employee acquisition tactics to engage potential candidates.

The traditional transactional recruitment process is still relevant to a certain extent, but it won’t be long before it’s completely phased out and replaced with the relationship orientated recruitment cycle.

Larger companies are already investing in these technologies to help them acquire a better candidate pool, but smaller businesses can also adopt a similar recruitment strategy and invest in software that will help them to meet the right candidates.

Below are 7 techniques employers should implement as part of their job interview process for 2018.

Soft skill assessments

Job seekers have more opportunities to work in diverse roles thanks to the gig economy and social media. A larger portion of job seekers are not only looking for a pay check, they are also looking for something to suit their lifestyle, values and goals.

Soft skill assessments will reveal a candidate’s strengths that can’t be picked up in a traditional job interview such as problem solving or team work.

Digital soft skills assessments are popular options because they produce unbiased results, can be taken online so the candidate can complete it without pressure and the assessments can often reveal more about the candidate than anticipated helping an employer get a holistic understanding about potential candidates.

Social Media

Social Media is ingrained in our society – we have a generation of job seekers who won’t know life before Social Media. Social Media can be used to a business’ advantage because of reach, access, instant engagement and the various social platforms available. Social Media recruitment can also be low cost for businesses on a budget.

Social media is already being used to research potential candidates but according to Pageup.com in 2017 less than 50 per cent of large Australian companies actually posted jobs on Social Media channels.

Social Media is an opportunity to engage with potential candidates in an environment where they are the consumer, so chances are if they find your job posting, they’re already aware of your brand making it easier to get their attention. Because Social Media is diverse, there are serval opportunities to engage and connect with people worldwide the 9 to 5 world is no longer a challenge for recruitment. Depending on your job requirements, social media such as LinkedIn can help you to find, engage and research work history all before meeting the candidate

Tasks and trials

Businesses, especially trade-based businesses, not only need a confident candidate but they also need a competent one, which is why asking the candidate to complete a real-work task to demonstrate their skills gives the employer and candidate a better understanding of what would be required of them if they successful in the role.

Businesses will often ask candidates to come in for a trial period, so they can assess the candidate’s skills in the role. This also helps the candidate meet other employees and gain insight into the organisational culture.

Change the interview setting

Instead of the traditional office or boardroom interview space, change it to a more casual setting in a café for example. In a café scenario, employers could get an understanding about how the candidate interacts with others, active listening, how they give directives, multitasking and how they adapt in different environments.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is no longer a thing for the future, it is happening now. Immersing candidates in a virtual 3-D environment to test their skills can gives employers an opportunity to:

  • Assess candidates offsite
  • Reach a larger candidate pool because location is no longer a challenge
  • Save time with the interview process
  • Set tasks for candidate to complete
  • Provide a virtual tour of the work space
  • Showcase the business at exhibitions.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a component of Artificial Intelligence that has the capacity to deliver people analytics and data in an unbiased and objective way.

How can this help in recruitment? The intelligent data can help to funnel candidates based on a series of metrics and predict probable outcomes to help employers make more informed decisions.

Employee acquisition is a numbers games and the more the learning engines evolve the more sophisticated the data will be able to fast track the connection between candidate and employer.

Using data to inform employment decisions isn’t new, but as the data becomes more intelligent, it will be easier to find the right employer to fit your organisation without being limited to location, time or budget.

Video analytics

Video analysis isn’t just for security anymore, it is an extremely helpful tool to assess candidates during an interview also. Video Analytics applications can perform analysis of video for the purpose of extracting events and data from the recorded video*. The sophisticated technology has the capability of picking up subtle expressions often is missed by the human eye. This tool will help employers make smarter decision about candidates who are unable to make face-to-face interviews due to locality or if recruiters need to hire a high volume of people.

For employers, it’s important to accept and embrace this changing perspective and take advantage of the new techniques and technologies that will help sift through the applications and revealing the right candidates faster.

If you would like to know more about employer acquisition and retention, contact us today.

*Source Agent-Video Analytics_White_Paper_July_2016

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