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Employer FAQ

What happens when my apprentice is ready to complete?

Contact your training provider if your apprentice or trainee is ready to complete their qualification. Your apprentice or trainee can complete when you, the apprentice and the training provider all agree that required competencies have been reached.

When should I contact the Apprenticeship Network Provider?

Your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider is there to facilitate the apprenticeship and insure that it is progessing smoothly. They will provide you the most up-to-date advice on all types of questions you may have leading up to, or during, the time you have an apprentice or trainee.

How Do I Choose A Training Provider?

Your training provider is responsible for developing and delivering training, Assessing competencies and issuing your apprentice with their qualification once they are completed. It is important that you choose the Training Organisation that will work the best with you and the apprentice. The training provider can either be public, such as TAFE or it could […]

How much will an apprenticeship cost me?

There are a few costs involved in hiring an apprentice but they will differ for various industries and Training Organisations. The State Government may subsidise the training costs and the Australian Government offers a range of financial incentives. Eligibility criteria applies.

How Much Do I Pay My Apprentice?

There are minimum conditions for employers and employees across Australia. You can view these at www.fairwork.gov.au or call 13 13 94.

How do I choose the best qualification for my business?

The list of qualifications available to choose from is well over 600. It is understandable if you experience some confusion as to what qualification will best suit your business. To help you decide what is right for you, contact your local Australian Apprenticeship¬†Support Network Provider. You can also use www.training.gov.au. From this site you can […]

How Long will The Apprenticeship Or Traineeship Go For?

A full time apprenticeship may last anywhere between 3 and 5 years and include qualification levels between Certificate Level III and Certificate Level VI. A full time Traineeship may take between 1 and 5 years and covers qualifications from Certificate Level II to Certificate Level VI. The awarding of certificates is competency based. This means […]

What is the difference between an apprenticeship and traineeship?

Apprenticeships are generally for trade based industries. This will include electrical, building and construction, cooking, hairdressing, engineering and automotive. Traineeships will be for industries that may not require a trade certificate, such as retail, tourism, business and I.T. If you are unsure what qualification you want you employee to undertake, contact your local Australian Apprenticeship¬†Support […]

Top Tips For A Successful Apprenticeship

To assist you in assuring the success of your apprenticeship we have assembled a collection of suggestions that can help both you and your apprentice gain the most out of your time together.   Make Sure your apprentice: Understands their responsibilities and the expectations you have. Undertakes occupational health and safety training. Has been informed […]

The Apprenticeship Process In Seven Easy Steps

It can be quite intimidating when first considering recruiting an apprentice. With so much information available it can become confusing quite quickly, which is why we have assisted you by providing the following seven step process. Step One: Contact Your local Australian ApprenticeshipSupport Network Provider Once you and your chosen apprentice are ready to begin […]

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